Vega L80|K105 Reversible Series

The Vega Series is designed for narrow rows, very tight turns with a low center-of-gravity for stability. They’re available in Articulated (AR), Rigid (RS), DualSteer® (DS) and Hay Making (MT) versions, with many cabin configurations to increase safety and comfort.

Vega L80|K105: AR, DS, RS and MT

Reversible isodiametric tractors.  Available in four versions: AR (with central articulation), DS (with Ferrari's patented DualSteer® technology), RS (with steering wheels) and MT (configured for hay making). 

Vega SDT L80 | K105 Mono-Directional Series

Extremely maneuverable tractors with short wheelbases & differentiated wheels.

Vega SDT L80|K105:  RS & DS (DualSteer®)

Mono-directional tractors with a short wheel base and differentiated wheels.  The DS Version features Ferrari's patented DualSteer® technology, which connects a central joint in the tractor frame to the steering of the front wheels.

Ferrari Tractors

Ferrari is a brand of BCS Group, a leading multi-national manufacturer of agricultural equipment based in Italy. 

BCS America imports and distributes BCS Group products in the US & Canada.